Living A Healthier Life

Healthy Lifestyles

What is a healthy lifestyle exactly? We hear about healthy living all the time. It’s almost cliche at this point. When you live a healthy life you actually end up saving a ton of money! But isn’t healthy food more expensive and then gym memberships on top of that? Well, food might cost a tad more but there are cost effective ways to become a healthier individual. The gym? You can go to an inexpensive 24 hour gym or just use the wonderful outdoors, the possibilities are seemingly endless. So about the saving money? Well, You can save money on health bills! Look, going to the doctor costs an arm and a leg. Staying healthy and in shape will certainly lessen the chances of you getting sick and needing to pay for medicine or doctor visits!

Healthy lifestyles aren’t all about eating healthy. You know as well as I know that there are other things in this world that can detour us from living good lives. Drug addiction and even alcohol addiction can really set someone off track. There are tons of places that you can go to get help if you need a jump start and can’t do it on your own. Rehabilitation centers are amazing places.

5 Tips To Become Healthier

  1. Exercise – This might be a no-brainer for most. But seriously hear me out. Lack of exercise obviously won’t help with weight gain or getting a “beach bod”. But that’s not why I’ve brought this up. Often times people don’t understand the true risks of not getting enough exercise. Heightened risks of diseases like heart disease, various types of cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc… The list could go on for days but you get the point, right? Exercise.
  2. Eat Natural Foods – A lot of times we get caught up eating only foods that have been heavily processed and contain ingredients we can’t even pronounce. This can certainly become a problem and lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more. Eating natural food that comes straight from the plant, ground, or wherever without being processed and sugared up is always the best option. Try it out and see your energy levels soar!
  3. Lower Stress Levels – Stress is a huge contributor to unhealthy lifestyles. Stress has more long term effects than just simply being a burden on your day. Get into some yoga classes, talk to a therapist, relax your mind in meditation for an hour each night… There are many ways to help lower your stress levels. Low-stress living is healthy living.
  4. Kick Your Addictions – It’s difficult. This many times can’t be done alone and will have to be met with professional attention. Many of us have addictions that contribute heavily to our unhealthy lifestyles. Whether it’s drinking, smoking, binge eating, or any other destructive addiction it can really have an adverse affect on your life. There are many programs available and professionals out there that can help curb an addiction. The first step is always wanting to change. You can’t change for your mom, dad, brother, sister, or anyone for that matter. Change will only happen when you want to change for you.
  5. Lose Some Weight – Look, we could all probably lose a little weight right now. I know I could! You don’t have to look like a bikini model for Sports Illustrated or like the next bodybuilding world champion either. This isn’t about that. For a lot of people, weight can be a serious health risk. This goes back to talking about how a healthier lifestyle can lower your health bills. When your body is running smoothly you won’t have to worry as much about heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc… You can live an active lifestyle and healthy one, away from the doctor!

Getting Started

You want to get started, right? But how? Well there are plenty of ways to get this going. It will take determination. Without determination failure is certain. Take some time to write down goals and solidify them. Take baby steps. There’s no need to over do this on your first go around. A gradual change will always be the easiest. Hold yourself accountable by posting on social media or telling your significant other, family members, friends, whoever really about your new plans. When other people hold you accountable you’re more likely to succeed.

So go ahead and get out there, curb the addictions, lose some weight, lower your stress, exercise, and eat natural foods. This will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. The only step you need to take now is the first step. I look forward to hearing about all of your progress and struggles in the comments below.



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