Exercise Techniques For Losing Weight

If you are looking to lose a few pounds for next summer why not start now? There are plenty of great exercising techniques that can be used to shed pounds along with eating clean in the kitchen. Take some of our smoothie recipes and drink them after one of your intense workouts! Clean eating and exercise are the keys to weight loss. The catch is, consistency. You need to be consistent in your practices to see results. Sometimes results are slow coming but if you continue the grind results will come. Read the two great exercise techniques below.


You can find many Yoga studios around the country, personally, I take some great yoga classes in Kansas City. Depending on your city I’m sure you can find a great studio. Yoga is not only soothing of the body but it relieves stress on your mind. A calm warming environment. The music soothes the soul. Regular yoga is great but in my opinion hot yoga is even better. Sweating out all the toxins really is a great feeling. There are many different positions within yoga and transitioning from position to position helps with burning calories and especially with flexibility. With yoga you not only feel better about the workout itself but with your own mind and body.


Next and last I will be speaking about pilates. This is a workout that will test your core strength in ways you have never felt before. Using special apparatus’ to perform these positions is essential so you will either need to buy one or go to a gym with pilates classes like the pilates classes in Kansas City that I take. Pairing pilates with yoga is a great practice but not everyone has enough time in their days to allow for that. If you are trying to choose between the two, one is not necessarily better than the other but each person has their own preferences. Personally I like both enough to engage in both! If you don’t want to join a pilates class you can always buy a dvd and practice alone until you’re comfortable trying it out in front of other people if you’re shy.

As you can see, both techniques listed above have some great qualities to them that could really help you in your battle to lose some weight. Don’t forget that exercise alone is not fully responsible for your weight loss. A lot of people will work out but continue to eat unhealthy and then wonder why they look the same. Your body needs clean fuel that it can burn efficiently so if you’re working out please feed it properly! You wouldn’t give a racecar unleaded gas so don’t do it to your only body.

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